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What is Enterprise Software?

Since 1995, Ryzn Enterprise Systems has been committed to our clients and vested in their interests to help improve and transform their financial business into better versions of themselves. We have a stable and proven track record in assisting businesses to evolve into more efficient and productive practices and to ultimately cut costs and increase their profits when they take advantage of our enterprise application software solutions. Ryzn strongly believes that solving business problems is the primary driver for technology choices which is supported by our real-world experiences with companies. Our mission reflects our belief and goal which is always to deliver the highest possible return value to our clients through the best use and application of enterprise software!

What is Enterprise Software?

If you’re not familiar with it or have never heard it before, enterprise application software is large-scale software that is aimed to support or solve the problems of an entire organization rather than any one individual department or user. Enterprise applications are designed to be distributed across a variety of corporate networks and meet strict requirements when it comes to security, administration management and company policy and procedures.Like most business end goals, the ultimate objective of enterprise software is to lower overall costs while improving productivity and efficiency throughout the enterprise. The software provides business logic and operational support to all of its departments to ensure performance and productivity goals are met.

At Ryzn, we expertly apply enterprise software so that businesses will be able to better support their overall strategic objectives and ultimately be more knowledgeable about their own operations. On their own, companies should educate themselves and gain more awareness with the current market so that they can outperform their competitors and overall sustain long-term profitable growth. To this end Ryzn uses a Business First™ strategy that has garnered lasting and successful client relationships. If you want your business to thrive, Ryznware™ Asset Management Software is the right choice for your business.

Types of Enterprise Software

There are various types of enterprise applications, but the most common ones are:

  • Automated Billing Systems

  • Payment Processing

  • Email Marketing Systems

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • HR Management

  • Call Center & Customer Support

At Ryzn here are the types of configurations that we provide when a business inquires about assistance:


o Manage processes starting from financial requests to the document signatures

-Foundation Data

o Define global and contract rules that establish all finance calculations and processes·


o Fund from self or multiple investors with asset, fee and participation cost tracking


o Create, calculate, sell and service pools of loan or lease contracts for sale to external funders


o Process and track all transactions throughout the loan or lease lifecycle·

-Customer Service