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Communicate, answer inquiries, process on demand requests all from one all-inclusive call and activity screen.

The Ryznware™ Call & Activity module is intended to provide all of the necessary functionality to track, collect, communicate and correspond with a customer or other entity related to any loan or lease contract. 


This module includes screens for maintaining user defined activities as well as central call and collection area for processing pending tasks, logging activities and follow-ups, requesting on demand documents and looking up customer contract details all in one convenient and all-inclusive screen.

Here are some of the benefits that this module provides for helping you stay on top of your loan and lease portfolio:

✓ Customer search by various id attributes
✓ View key customer/contract details
✓ Drill-down of contract transaction history
✓ Manage notes and ticklers
✓ Initiate new actions to reflect changes in collection, repo and legal statuses
✓ Log and track customer requests (payoffs, payment history, address change)
✓ View customer/contract performance metrics, aging

✓ Create On Demand Documents

✓ View, print generated document history
✓ Change/Delay PAP or ACH or Credit Card  payments

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