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Integrate seamlessly with any external software, service or party.

Some type of integration with an external software or party is often a requirement of completing the full functionality of the Ryznware™ loan and lease software. Ryznware™ integration points can include Accounting, Pre-Authorized Payment processing, credit bureau reporting as well as any other custom communication requirement between your finance business and the outside world.


Ryzn’s approach is to make every effort to integrate with your existing software or external party that you are accustomed to doing business with, rather than forcing you to change.

Some common Integration points can include (but are not limited to):

Ryznware™ Data Integration

✓ G/L Transaction File
✓ Credit Check Request
✓ Credit Report
✓ Application data
✓ Securitization Data


External Software and/or Party Integration

✓ Accounting G/L and/or A/P software
✓ Bank, Credit Union
✓ Credit Bureau or Credit Services Agency
✓ Dealer or Broker Portal
✓ Funder/Investor Portal or FTP Site

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