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Create, calculate, sell and service pools of loan or lease contracts for sale to external funders.

The optional Securitization module is designed for businesses that sell pools of contractual debt to investors and includes all of the necessary functionality to select, create, sell, and manage pools of loan or lease contracts.


Once a tranche is sold, you can continue to service and collect these contracts in house while providing periodic reports to the investor or funder as to portfolio metrics and balances, restructures, and buyouts.


Securitization features and functions include:

✓ Buy rate table
✓ Securitization Party profile and financial data
✓ Tranche selection and individual sold contract calculation spread
✓ NPV schedule calculation and storage
✓ Sale transaction and accounting
✓ Remittance Schedule tracking by investor, tranche
✓ Variance tracking and reporting
✓ Contract Swap, Repurchase 
✓ Other custom investor reporting requirements or calculations

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