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The Ryznware Origination Module

Manage processes starting from the finance request to document signatures.

The Ryznware™ Origination module is an optional module that incorporates all of the activities that occur from the time a loan and/or lease request is made through to the final approval and transfer to the contract management system. 


Supporting those activities is the related data for defining the specific work flow steps, decline, approval, conditional and acceptance codes for tracking and historical reference. Both scanned and generated origination documents are stored with each origination request.


Some of the key capabilities that the origination module provides are:

✓ Sales quote generation

✓ Automated request retrieval and logging
✓ Prospect and/or recurring customer profile
✓ Credit Approval process with real-time credit report retrieval

✓ Recall and/or amend previous credit  approval
✓ Automatic generation of decline/approval letters and  agreement documents
✓ System logging and workflow
✓ Final transfer and integration with existing contract management system

✓ Optional integration with Financial Statements module

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