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Lack of any system structure

Client Profile
Provider of equipment leasing financing to small businesses.

Client Location, Areas Served
Western Canada serving western provinces and NWT.

Conversion From
Blend of manual, Excel and DOS based software for basic posting of cash receipts and lease balances.

Problems to Resolve
The lack of any system structure and related work flow or procedures was problematic for many reasons. The client realized that the current and disjointed system could not support future anticipated growth. Problems that needed to be resolved included:

✓ High occurrence of manual errors with real cost value
✓ Inability to track entire lease life cycle
✓ No centralized data available to all users
✓ Restricted or limited collection tracking
✓ Lackluster customer service due to inaccuracies

Ryznware™ Results and Benefits

✓ Manage both brokerage and servicing activities within one integrated system
✓ Achieve accurate and timely reporting to external funders
✓ Have ability to service leases after sale
✓ Track asset insurance and Liens
✓ Automate and stream-line pre-authorized payments
✓ Maintain flexibility of finance offerings through various restructure and payoff options

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