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Equipment Leasing Software Solutions | Ryzn

Equipment Leasing Software

A solution for a diverse range of assets and finance sectors

Automotive Loans and Leases | Ryzn



Equipment Leasing Software

A configuration to address the diverse range of lease products.

The equipment leasing sector includes the small or large funder or brokerage leasing company offering finance products for a wide array of asset types which can include vehicles, technology, construction, industrial, agricultural machinery and other vertical market asset types.


Ryznware™ equipment leasing software addresses this diverse choice of leasable products as well as the unique needs of each equipment lender with built-in features and functions that are typical of this sector:

✓ Define unlimited asset categories for reporting and analysis (up to five levels)

✓ Manage originating entity profiles for brokers, dealers, vendors and even manufacturers

✓ Setup commission structures with splits, discounts, price levels or incorporate your own unique rules

✓ Track equipment invoice details

✓ Record equipment details including item bundling, quantity, condition, delivery dates, serial number, price   allocation

✓ Track additional security collateral and leaseback equipment

✓ Add Recurring Charge schedules to manage add-on service contracts, support or other repetitive charges

✓ Restructure leases to account for swaps, trade-ins, equipment replacements and to facilitate cash flow issues

✓ Offer a variety of end-of-lease options like buy-out, re-rent and term extensions

Automotive Loans & Leases | Ryzn

Automotive Loans and Leases

A configuration for all vehicle types catering to both commercial or consumer customers.

Ryznware™ loan and lease software has been specifically designed for the automotive finance business for all vehicle types, catering to both commercial or consumer customers all efficiently managed in one integrated system.

Here are just a few of the capabilities included and required by most auto lending companies:

✓ Manage dealer relationships, agreements, terms, sales reps and commissions

✓ Fund internally or by other parties and/or provide servicing only

✓ Track interest income by normal compound or simple interest methods

✓ Record extensive vehicle details including make, model, year, mileage, registration and other id attributes

✓ Add optional vehicle GPS, service contract, warranty, registration, title, and valuation details

✓ Track insurance coverage, cancellation and notify customers on renewals and lapses

✓ Manage the entire loan and/or lease contract life cycle from origination to termination

✓ Complement with add-ons such as origination, document generation, payment integration and more

Commercial Loans | Ryzn

Commercial Loans

A configuration for the loan finance sector with numerous loan payment options.

Ryznware™ Software offers a well thought out loan module which includes flexible options for loan configurations and  payment options:

✓ Commercial customer profile

✓ Optional financial statement module with user defined templates

✓ Range of payment options that include fixed principal, balloon, grace and seasonal payments

✓ Restructuring ability to facilitate cash flow issues

✓ Restructuring ability to facilitate cash flow issues

Other Finance Options

Finding the right software that matches those very specific needs within a limited budget is a challenge in itself.

We can help.

In today’s extremely competitive market, there are many diverse emerging and established finance companies out there, each with a unique strategy to win customers in their respective markets.


Finding the right software that matches your specific needs within a limited budget is a challenge in itself.


If you are looking for a finance option or module that requires functionality that you don’t see in our already extensive Lease and Loan software offering, then most likely it is not a far jump to get it there.


Some examples of other finance solutions are:

✓ Leased Assets Tracking
✓ Inventory tracking and control
✓ Internal Credit Scoring

✓ Custom Schedules and Calculations
✓ Specialized web portal or external party interfaces

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