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Automotive Leasing

Ryznware™ loan and lease software has been specifically designed for the automotive finance business for all vehicle types, catering to both commercial or consumer customers all efficiently managed in one integrated system.

Here are just a few of the capabilities included and required by most auto lending companies:

✓ Manage dealer relationships, agreements, terms, sales reps and commissions

✓ Fund internally or by other parties and/or provide servicing only

✓ Track interest income by normal compound or simple interest methods

✓ Record extensive vehicle details including make, model, year, mileage, registration and other id attributes

✓ Add optional vehicle GPS, service contract, warranty, registration, title, and valuation details

✓ Track insurance coverage, cancellation and notify customers on renewals and lapses

✓ Manage the entire loan and/or lease contract life cycle from origination to termination

✓ Complement with add-ons such as origination, document generation, payment integration and more

Automotive Loan Case Study