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Software is a Commodity (but there’s more to it)

Jan 2016 by Joelle Ascher in Blog

Software is a Commodity (but there’s more to it)

It’s true.  Software has become a commoditized product. 

In other words, software  in and of itself has become nothing much more than a bundle of product features and functions with little or no differentiation, having a universal and perpetual demand.

For this reason, companies in the market for new enterprise software often make the fatal mistake of evaluating software based mostly on price and feature comparison.

The problem with this approach is that it completely undermines the real value that an enterprise software investment can bring to your business.


What is the real value?  It’s the complete transformation that your company will benefit from starting from sales all the way through to accounting (all in a good way of course).

The business transformation happens through the right pairing of software and an experienced vendor partner skill set.

A vendor partner should have both the consultative approach and extensive experience in implementing enterprise software with a proven track record of success.  

Since enterprise software (as the name suggests), will impact every aspect of your company-wide activities, looking at software solely in terms of a features versus price check list is a mistake.

Without the vendor partner advisory part of the equation, most businesses would probably fail miserably at implementing enterprise software systems.

In addition to the advisory skills and experience that a vendor partner brings, the ability to customize the software further will bring the business transformation to a higher level of success.

Instead of a company having to adapt to a cookie-cutter set of features, functions and processes, the customization allows for the software to be rendered to suit the operational business blueprint as closely as possible.  

The commoditized software product now becomes more specific to the business, differentiating it from its generic model and therefore making it into a more valuable solution.

Most companies just don’t have the experience or time to analyze their problem areas and then effectively work out the best course from a system or software perspective.

They do however have the depth business knowledge as to how they want to run their company, what their competitive strengths and weaknesses are, what areas need improvement and what aspects of their activities should change and which should never change.

In collaboration with the right vendor partner expertise, the commoditized software product together with the consulting, advisory and tailoring approach will all combine to yield a high-value solution that will drive a positive and significant transformation to your overall business.

Activities and processes will be streamlined and out of date, time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks will be replaced with faster, flexible smart full or semi-automation.  The benefit is that these businesses will be able to grow with confidence, offer enhanced customer service activities and market themselves better to external vendors, dealers, brokers, funders and of course customers.  

Think of it as a complete make-over for businesses, using the initial software commoditized product only as the tool or vehicle in which to reach the final destination.

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