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The Ryznware™ Loan or Lease core software includes standard data lists, transaction, collection and accounting related reports that are useful to any finance business.  However, when it comes to portfolio analysis, reports are tailored to each company’s exact needs and formats so as to reflect and maintain the way in which trends, performance and metrics have been analysed and reviewed in the past, while also being incorporated with the additional data elements that are now available in the more comprehensive Ryznware™ database.

Data can of course be exported via other integration points such as Microsoft® Excel for example due to the Microsoft® SQL Server database architecture.

Report types include (but are not limited to):

✓ Data Reference Lists
✓ Transaction Reports
✓ Collection Reports
✓ Accounting Reports
✓ Customized Portfolio Analysis: (Spread, Balances, Forecasts, Income, Collateral and others)


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