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Foundation Data

For all lender and asset types, the Ryznware™ Loan or Lease core software comprises the same foundation data which is the basis for all finance businesses. Foundation data is key and critical to the operational and transactional areas of your business as it represents all of your company’s rules, policies and procedures that drive and govern the day-to-day lending activities. In addition, it includes the maintenance and upkeep of all external and internal parties with whom your company has formal agreements, communicates and conducts business with.


Global Data

✓ Geographic Locations
✓ Addressing Data
✓ Sales Taxes
✓ Asset Categories (Equipment)
✓ Makes/Models (Automotive)
✓ Fiscal Calendars


Customer Data

✓ Legal Address
✓ Multiple Bill-To Addresses
✓ Future and Address History
✓ Identification Data
✓ Credit Score Data
✓ Employer References (Consumer)
✓ Bank and Credit Card References
✓ Personal/Trade References


Other Entities

✓ Originating Entities (brokers, dealers, vendors, affiliated)
✓ Funding Sources (self, affiliated, investors, banks)
✓ Sales reps (internal and external)
✓ Guarantors
✓ Other external entities: insurance carriers, agents, repossessors, lenders, and others


Contract Data

✓ Finance Agreement Types
✓ Price Lists
✓ Commission Rules
✓ Funding Agreements
✓ Funding Deductible Fees
✓ Up-front Fees
✓ Recurring Charges
✓ Late and NSF Rules
✓ Repossession Rules
✓ Early Payoff/Penalty Rules
✓ Skip-A-Payment Rules


Contract Setup

✓ Loan Contracts
✓ Lease Contracts
✓ Other Finance
✓ Co-debtors/Co-signers
✓ Asset Locations & Asset Details
✓ Finance or Operating Lease Types
✓ Lease Bargain & FMV Purchase Option
✓ Fixed, Step or Variable Interest Rates
✓ Multiple & Seasonal Payment Intervals
✓ Amortization Schedule (NPV Schedule)


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