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Aside from origination, document generation is an ongoing requirement for most lenders in order to maintain a professional, accurate and consistent line of communication with their customers. These documents in part enhance the customer service experience through invoicing, statements, payment histories and payoff quotes, while others ensure that delinquent accounts are pro-actively managed and tracked.

Ryznware™ Loan or Lease core software allows you to define any document template according to your preferred format using Microsoft® Word which is accessible and integrated within the document maintenance function. Once the document is defined and the appropriate database fields are specified, triggers allow a user to control the action and frequency in which that document will be automatically generated.  Document templates are maintained by the user with revision control allowing future changes at any time while keeping previous document versions. Documents are then automatically generated, stored within the database and later accessible by customer, contract and identifiable document type.

The document control and generation module includes:

✓ Microsoft® Word Integration
✓ User controlled document template and revisions
✓ User controlled document trigger and frequency
✓ System automatic generation and PDF save
✓ Generated document log history


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