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The Ryznware™ Loan or Lease Collection module is intended to provide all of the necessary functionality to track, collect, communicate and correspond with a customer or other entity related to any loan and/or lease contract.  This module includes screens for maintaining user defined activities as well as central call and collection area for processing pending tasks, logging activities and follow-ups, requesting on demand documents and looking up customer contract details all in one convenient and all-inclusive screen.

Here are some of the benefits that this module provides:

✓ Customer search by various id attributes
✓ View key customer/contract details
✓ View contract transaction history
✓ Add notes and ticklers
✓ Initiate new actions for repos, legal, on-demand documents
✓ Log and track customer requests (payoffs, payment history, address change)
✓ View customer/contract performance metrics, aging
✓ Create On Demand Documents
✓ View, print generated document history
✓ Change/Delay PAP payments


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