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The Ryznware™ Loan or Lease core software generates a real-time general ledger journal entry for every transaction posting including of course all reversals. In some cases where general ledger transactions should not be generated, for example for collection only accounts, only amounts can be tracked.  A general ledger journal entry is created based on a user defined model that can be updated and maintained by revision control and allows your business to have total control of entries that may need revision due to internal accounting changes or new accounting standards. 

The general ledger data generated incorporates the following abilities:

✓ Real-time G/L Entry generation
✓ Tracking Only option
✓ Dynamic account/department assignment (by geography, originator, funder and more)
✓ Complete audit traiil by g/l model revision, g/l account, g/l department, amount, date
✓ Seamless Integration with any G/L of choice


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