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Loan & Lease Software

A full loan and lease life cycle system

Our loan and lease solution is your competitive advantage.

Our loan and lease software has been built and designed around the real world inputs and activities of companies and industry leaders alike in the financial services industry. You get the benefit of a solution that is constantly evolving to today’s needs, while having the flexibility to incorporate your own unique requirements. Our solution becomes your competitive advantage to do more, grow more, and be constantly evolving.

Get an introduction to the  Ryznware™ core modules below.


The Origination module manages activities starting from the loan/lease finance request through to document signatures.

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Foundation Data

The Foundation Data module comprises the core data and global rules that are the basis for all finance businesses.

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The Funding module manages the loan and/or lease release and pre-funding check as well as the actual funding transaction.

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The Securitization module provides all of the necessary functionality to select, create, sell, and manage pools of loan or lease contracts.

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The Servicing module allows you to process and track all transaction based activities throughout the loan/lease life cycle until termination.

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The Collection module provides all of the necessary functionality to track, collect, communicate and more.

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The Documents module provides the ability to define any document template in your preferred format using Microsoft® Word.

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The Reporting module provides standard data lists, transaction, collection and accounting related reports that are useful to any finance business.

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The Integrations module allows for integration with various external software or parties in order to ensure a fully integrated and seamless loan or lease management system.

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Ryznware™ software is ready-to-go or can be tailored to your needs, always with affordability, value and efficiency in mind. Contact us to find out detailed product specifications and features.

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