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Ryzn offers a private cloud hosted solution

Dec 2015 by Joelle Ascher in Blog

For certain financial services companies, opting for a cloud or hosted solution makes a lot of sense.

Aside from the obvious benefits of IT cost savings, ease of scalability and elimination of having to manage an internal network infrastructure and resources, a hosted solution from Ryzn offers other less “talked about” advantages that are in keeping with our mission of ensuring that each solution meets each client’s unique requirements.

For Ryzn, tailoring a solution to the client’s needs and business model has always been an important focus and it is the reason we can attribute a consistent implementation success rate with our clients.

Providing a hosted solution should be no different and it must allow us to maintain our tailoring mission.  Our intent in offering an alternative hosting platform is to provide a server that maintains and enhances the unique needs of each client without the hassle and cost of having to manage their own servers and IT people.

For this reason, the Ryzn cloud solution offers a private platform where each client server is individually configured for storage requirements and software specifications.  

This means that any tailoring done for one client does not impact any other client with unnecessary and disrupting software updates.  

Each client’s data resides within their own secure database instance which promotes the ability for future scalability, tailoring and external party integration if needed.

This ensures more flexibility for each client and ensures that they can easily and rapidly scale up and adapt functionally to a dynamic and changing business landscape.

The monthly cost differential is slightly more than a public cloud solution configured for a generic solution built for mass production client base, however, the long term benefits and data ownership cannot be compared.

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