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Dec 2016

Consumer Rentals

Posted by Ryznwarein Blog

A Toronto lessor providing lease rental contracts for residential heating, cooling, and water systems selects a Ryznware™ consumer lease configuration that includes billing, EFT-PAP integration, Securitization and additional customized integration for participating billing. With a growing portfolio of consumer leases originating from a network of dealers across the country, this lessor was currently outsourcing all […]

Jun 2016

Loan and Lease Software Detail is King

Posted by Ryznwarein Blog

The success of a loan or lease software implementation can mean different things depending who you ask.  However, there is only one metric that really counts. By definition, a successful implementation is the actualization of the intended benefits to your organization that were initially desired.  This also implies that if you are reaping the benefits […]

Mar 2016

Vehicle Leasing Focus

Posted by Ryznwarein Blog

A southern Ontario lessor of consumer vehicles selects Ryznware™ leasing automotive solution to resolve all of their current system issues. Working from a mix of different software tools that include Quickbooks®, Microsoft® Excel and Word to manage their current and growing portfolio of vehicle leases, this private lessor recognized that future growth would not be […]

Jan 2016

Software is a Commodity (but there’s more to it)

Posted by Ryznwarein Blog

It’s true.  Software has become a commoditized product.  In other words, software  in and of itself has become nothing much more than a bundle of product features and functions with little or no differentiation, having a universal and perpetual demand. For this reason, companies in the market for new enterprise software often make the fatal […]

Dec 2015

Ryzn offers a private cloud hosted solution

Posted by Ryznwarein Blog

For certain financial services companies, opting for a cloud or hosted solution makes a lot of sense. Aside from the obvious benefits of IT cost savings, ease of scalability and elimination of having to manage an internal network infrastructure and resources, a hosted solution from Ryzn offers other less “talked about” advantages that are in […]

Nov 2015

Our Ryznware™ Commercial Equipment Leasing software facilitates millions of dollars of funding sourcing

Posted by Ryznwarein Blog

A central Canada equipment leasing company secures millions of dollars of funding as a result of the detailed and comprehensive Ryznware™ database and within a short requested timeline. Since the recession of 2008, obtaining funds from external lending parties requires an intensive and in-depth due diligence process of the leasing companies management team, on-site infra-structure, […]

Jul 2015

A growing Toronto based transportation & logistics company selects Ryznware™ Leased Asset Management software

Posted by Ryznwarein Blog

A growing Toronto based transportation & logistics company had opted for a lease-to-own finance model to build their inventory of highway trucks and trailers, the obvious key asset in their transport and logistics service offerings to their customers. With assets worth millions of dollars and many new lease contracts being added monthly, the tracking and […]