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Ryznware™ Specifications

Software design should always be based on real customer input and feedback paired with intelligent and efficient system architecture.

Our Ryznware™ core product has been designed to satisfy much more than just the basic components of any finance business that includes a foundation of customers, assets and contracts. Each one of these core components can then be scaled down or expanded on in order to simplify or enhance the software to fit to each company’s unique business model. Our business and software model is based on this consistent and proven approach. Every Ryznware™ software for each new customer is unique and delivered exactly as the customer has specified it to be.

Learn more about the specific benefits of the Ryznware™ software below.

Foundation Data

Ryznware™ Loan or Lease core software comprises the same foundation data which is the basis for all finance businesses.


The funding module is comprised primarily of the loan and/or lease release and pre-funding check as well as the actual funding transaction.


Ryznware™ Loan or Lease solutions incorporate a detailed transaction ledger for all transactions including reversals.


This collection module is intended to provide all of the necessary functionality to track, collect, communicate and more.


Define any document template according to your preferred format using Microsoft® Word which is within the document maintenance function.


The software includes standard data lists, transaction, collection and accounting related reports that are useful to any finance business.


The software generates a real-time general ledger journal entry for every transaction posting including of course all reversals.


The Ryznware™ Origination is an optional module that incorporates activities occuring from the loan/lease request through to the final approval.