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Evaluating software can be a difficult, confusing and time consuming task. So we have our own time proven approach to help you navigate through the first important steps of identifying your needs and evaluating the software (and us) for fit, quality, expertise, value and price.

Our evaluation package includes:

1- Initial Consultation – The Big Picture

Our initial consultation covers the key areas of your finance business requirements, contract servicing and portfolio specifications as well as your current operating environment.

2- Price Quote – Tailored Price

Based on our initial discussion, we will provide you with a price range quote that is based on needs, budget and scope of your finance business.

3- Web Based Demo – Review

Based on the first two steps and considering your stated needs, we will tailor a one to two hour demo designed to deliver a more in-depth review of your specific areas of interest and requirements.

4- Needs Study – Expertise Advantage

Every company has unique needs especially when you drill down to the fine details. Details that aren’t obvious from fact sheets or automated demos. That’s why it’s critical to go deeper about how you do business and work together towards a software solution that puts focus on your needs. At the conclusion, we will deliver to you a comprehensive report that brings it all together.