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Leased Asset Management Software

The Ryznware™ Leased Asset Management (LAM) software offers you a unique yet affordable solution to track your leased fixed and/or capital assets. Built on our Ryznware™ model and extensive experience in lessor lease management, our LAM solution offers a knowledgeable perspective and depth of detail available in very high priced solutions.

Tracking open leases for high value capital assets can easily get out of control.  With hundreds of leases on the books, using spreadsheets has its obvious limitations for search, reporting, action triggering and accounting functionalities. Without fixed asset tracking software, you’re stuck with an essentially manual asset management system that is error prone and susceptible to a variety of risks.

With the Ryznware™ Leased Asset Management (LAM) software, the lease entry is the important starting point where every detail of your contractual lease agreement is stored:

  • Lessor entity, name and agreement details
  • Upfront fee management
  • Vendor invoice entry
  • Detailed asset price, reductions and fee breakdown to arrive at the finance amount
  • Detailed asset entry designed for vehicles and equipment classes
  • System generated lease amortization schedule with solved interest rate and principal, interest breakdown
  • Key date entries for start, payments, maturity, purchase option, and early prepayment buyout


With the detailed lease entry complete, the system can now facilitate, track and trigger key dates which need action:

  • Leased Asset Dashboard – easily see all your open lease balances and payment due dates by week, month, quarter, year etc.
  • Quick payment posting and bank clearing reconciliation for any specified date
  • Automatic system notifications for buyout due date notifications
  • Handle lease amendments, prepayments and early buyouts
  • Customizable reporting for new leases, open leases, buyout leases, payment history on leases
  • Customizable reporting for asset inventory
  • G/L accounting entries and reporting

As with all Ryznware™ solutions, tailoring is included to ensure a perfect solution matched to your business processes.

Our Leased Asset Management (LAM) software is the preferred solution for managing high value capital leased assets typical to transportation & logistics, energy and other companies needing to manage their truck, trailer and equipment assets.