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Equipment Leasing

The equipment leasing sector includes the small or large funder or brokerage leasing company offering finance products for a wide array of asset types which can include vehicles, technology and medical equipment, construction,  industrial, agricultural machinery and other vertical market asset types. Ryznware™ equipment leasing software addresses this diverse choice of leasable products as well as the unique needs of each equipment lender with built-in features and functions that are typical of this sector:

✓ Define unlimited asset categories for reporting and analysis (up to five levels)

✓ Manage originating entity profiles for brokers, dealers, vendors and even manufacturers

✓ Setup commission structures with splits, discounts, price levels or incorporate your own unique rules

✓ Track equipment invoice details

✓ Record equipment details including item bundling, quantity, condition, delivery dates, serial number, price   allocation

✓ Track additional security collateral and leaseback equipment

✓ Add Recurring Charge schedules to manage add-on service contracts, support or other similar repetitive charges

✓ Restructure leases to account for swaps, trade-ins, equipment replacements and to facilitate cash flow issues

✓ Offer a variety of end-of-lease options like buy-out, re-rent and term extensions

Equipment Leasing Case Study