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Captive Finance

The captive finance company has very specific and demanding needs due to its relationship to the parent company and the commercial products it manufactures. There is an ever increasing emphasis and reliance on the finance entity to help grow revenues across all product lines which adds additional challenges to the software design intended to support that finance entity. Here are just a few ways in which Ryznware™ software is designed around the more complex and unique needs of the subsidiary or affiliated finance entity:

✓ Define tailor made product programs and rules unique to each captive finance company

✓ Maintain organizational structures of geographical and reporting entities (divisions, regions, territories and personnel)

✓ Track in depth industry and custom internal credit scoring and rules for financial analysis

✓ Analyze collateral value over expected life verus contract term

✓ Ensure corporate and divisional reporting and analysis that is customized to your exact reporting requirements

Captive Finance Case Study

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